Online Psychology Services

Australian Registered Psychologist & Board Approved Supervisor

Telehealth counselling support and provisional psychologist supervision.

Medicare and NDIS registered service provider.

Psychology services include online supervision of provisional psychologists – individual and group as well as telehealth counselling support for all ages.

    Counselling Support
    • Counselling support is available for all ages using a client centred approach. Each client is supported in developing their own set of goals, strategies and outcomes in a positive and respectful way. 
    Psychological Assessments

    Psychological assessments for all ages are available.

    • Cognitive assessments are used to identify an individual’s learning strengths and weaknesses.
    • Behavioural assessments are used to provide information around an individual’s psychological and emotional wellbeing.
    Psychological Reports
    • Preparation of psychological reports providing client feedback in relation to cognitive and behavioural assessments as required.
    Provisional Psychologist Supervision Services
    • An Australian Psychologist Board approved supervisor providing supervision for provisional psychologists. Supervision is available online for individuals and groups.

    Susan Doughty, 

    BSc(Psych), GradDipPsych, DipEd, BAS

    Registered Psychologist working with all ages and backgrounds since 2005. Psychological services include therapeutic counselling support for individuals and families, supervision for provisional psychologists, cognitive assessments, behavioural assessments and report writing. Support can be provided for a range of areas including anxiety, depression, relationships, social and emotional, and educational. I look forward to meeting you via online chat, video or phone.

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